Brows and Lashes

HD Brow Art £25  

A totally new definition in eyebrow shaping. ​

Using a seven step procedure including a variety of  techniques
‘HD Brows’ Creates the ultimate in High Definition Brows’.
Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to get those perfectly formed eyebrows? ​

The secret is HD Brows– the treatment that defines your natural beauty
through a unique and revolutionary seven step procedure.

Eyebrow Tidy Treatments


Eyebrow Tidy (Tweeze or wax) - £9

Brow Reshape - £10 

Eyebrow Tint - £10

Eyebrow Tint & Tidy - £17

Lash Volume Lift (LVL) £40

Get longer looking lashes.....Without the need for extensions LVL Lashes are creating lots of excitement in the beauty industry by straightening rather than curling your natural lashes, giving ​

L length, Volume and Lift and creating a fabulous wide-awake look.

Lash Treatments

Lash Tint - £12


Brow & Eyelash Tint - £18

Brow Tint & Tidy & Eyelash Tint - £23