Miss Rich Manicure £26

Using  products especially designed to leave your hands and nails feeling truly pampered.

Miss Rich manicure includes an exfoliation and sumptuous massage useing Luxury band Neals Yard remedies hand cream formulated with collagen to help plump out fine lines. Nails and cuticles are tidied to the clients needs and we finish with a polish application.  offers a wide range of colours to choose from.

​Add french for an extra £2.50.

Add Gel Polish £10

Dulux Soft & Supple Hands £28

Our soft and supple hands treatment includes everything from our Miss Rich manicure, but incorporates a paraffin wax application as well.

Paraffin wax provides a gentle heat and leaves an oil residue which is absorbed by the skin and tissue, therefore giving you moisturised and silky smooth hands.

Ideal for arthritis, eczema and joint pains.


Add french polish for extra £2.50

Add Gel Polish £10

Express & Away £16.00

Perfect for those people who are tight on time or who simply would like to change their nail colour. Includes a file and polish application.

add french for £2.50

Gel Nails Trugel or Ink London

Tru Gel overlay clear or colour on your natural nails.    £27




Tru Gel overlay with french on natural nails   £29.50


  Gel Tip With strong Gel £3pn




Gel overlay soak off   £12


 A Gel tip with stroge Gel £3pn



Gel overlay soak off with aTreatment polish or colour polish £20



Add Parffin wax      £5


Add swarovski gem       25p each

Nail Extensions




NSI  full set of gel natural tips £36.00


Gel infill with gel polish £27


Soak off and new set of gel tips £45


Add Gel colour top coat £10



Gel tip soak off                               £16



Emergency work after 4 day     £4pn



Full set of acrylic French tips         £37




Full set of acrylic clear tips            £36.00



Acrylic infills                                £27




Acrylic single nail repair £4pn




Soak off  & new set of acrylic tips £45


Soak off from another Salon  £15

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Maintenance Tips

While nail extensions can look very natural, anyone considering nail extensions should keep in mind that they do require regular maintenance—every two to three weeks—at the salon. In addition, certain precautions need to be taken at home to ensure their maximum life span.


AVOID products that contain lanolin or mineral oils, including hand creams, body lotions, baby oils and shampoos.

WEAR protective gloves when washing dishes, using bleach or harsh cleaning chemicals and cooking over high heat. But don’t keep gloves on too long; moisture in the gloves can negatively effect nail enhancements.

USE non-acetone nail polish remover.


APPLY cuticle oil and massage your cuticles regularly to stimulate blood circulation and keep cuticles soft.

DON’T use your nail enhancements as a screwdriver or to pry open soda cans. While they’re fairly strong, they won’t take abuse.

VISIT your nail tech for routine maintenance every 2-3 weeks (depending upon the type of artificial nails applied) or as soon as a problem occurs to prevent further damage from occurring.


NEVER try to remove nail extensions yourself. You run the risk of damaging the nail plate. Have a reputable salon do it and finish with a restorative manicure.